teas for sale


Hey there! I have to move within the next few weeks and I am in desperate need to downsize my tea. Even after throwing what I think is too old away, I have a lot that needs a new home rather than the trash.

First and foremost, please note you are buying at your own “risk.” If something is stale, I’m sorry, but there’s a reason I am selling everything so cheap – I need it gone because I can’t move all of this with me. Most of my tea should NOT be too terrible, at most 2 years old, and I have kept everything in sealed packaging in enclosed containers out of light. So, I’m hoping that is minimal.

Second, everything is first come, first served. I will give people tea based on who was first to send a form regarding a certain one. I will let everyone know the total teas they are getting first before sending any kind of paypal invoice. 

Please be sure to fill out the form with your paypal associated email, either in the required email field or in the text box for teas you want. I will also add $3-6 for shipping depending on how much tea you are taking. US ONLY. I am about 13 days from moving and don’t want to go through the hoops for sending, I’m sorry my lovely neighbours to the north. Also there will likely be a couple things added to your envelope/box because I thought it was silly to add it on here. Invoices will be going out the morning of Wednesday the 10th.

Also note I will remove the form when I am at work or otherwise out to prevent multiple people asking for the same things and missing out.

PLEASE try to separate the teas by the pricing – as long as you have the names it’s fine though but it’ll make it easier for me when I’m removing what you take from the list.

Additionally if you are interested in an envelope of whatever (Stuff that is not listed here FYI), fill out the form and let me know. These will be $10 including shipping. You are more than welcome to add that to anything listed below too (note this may involve an added shipping cost). CURRENTLY TWO AVAILABLE.

ONTO THE TEAS! Please note all weights are estimates.


52Teas Cranberry Ti Kwan Yin (.25 oz)

Shan Valley Black Tea (~.5 oz)

Shan Valley Valley Green Tea (.3 oz)


52Teas VIT Pomegranate Da Hong Pao (~.5oz)

Pekko Teas Akita Super Sencha (.75 oz)

Adagio Huang Jin Bolero (~.6 oz)

Teavana Three Kingdoms Mao Feng (.75 oz)


Possibilities – Productivitea (Oolong, Nilgiri, Rooibos, and Chocolate) (~1 oz in small tin)




52Teas Cranberry Ti Kwan Yin (sealed 1.75 oz bag)